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Bruno Micheli:
Label Studios des Puits Tournants SPT6
recorded July 2004 in Fréchencourt/France
online distribution


Bruno Micheli piano, Hammond B-3 organ, Hammond A-100 organ, Hammond New B-3 organ
Guillaume Bouchard bass
Dominic Schlocker drums
Fabien Mary trumpet
Pierre Bresson flute
Emmanuel Bex Hammond A-100 organ


Track List
01: Lennie Triste? Ah No!
02: I Can't Get Started
03: Agapit
04: The Peacock
05: Caravan
06: Quadrade
07: Dance For Victor
08: Gaëlle
09: Valse À Tintin
10: Nadette
11: Dounet
12: Dizzy Moods
13: En L'Occurrence
14: Tout Doux


Without any doubt, Bruno is a splendid pianist, what he proves on 8 tracks of this CD. Among these, Ellington's "Caravan" which gave this album its name, stands out with an original interpretation, yet full of tension, rhythmically altered unto a slowness which cries for dissolving of the various diminished harmonies. Wonderful!
What concerns the organ, Bruno shows on the remaining 5 tracks his deep interest for this instrument: He uses not less than 3 different Hammond organs. It is noticeable that Bruno's playing the organ differs from that playing the piano. This emphasizes that Bruno does not simply adopts the organ in a pianist's manner, as many other do, but finds an organ style of his own. Block chords with a rich variety of harmonies, but also easily running figures are the essence of Bruno's jazz organ style. He never pushes the organ to an overdone loudness. So, he leaves much room for the other instruments to develop their own musical ideas.
Just one track at the end of the CD is reserved for Emmanuel Bex at the organ, while Bruno is playing the harmonica.


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