Emmanuel Bex
Emmanuel, the French organist of best reputation, born 1959 in Caen/France, starts his musical career at conservatories in Caen, Paris and Bordeaux. But before he finds his way to the Hammond organ Emmanuel studies the piano and various other instruments.
In 1983, the organ definitely attracks his full devotion. Five years later he founds a trio with violin and drums, but plays also with other bands like that of Ray Lema, Gérard Pierron & Romain Didier, Hotcha and many more.
Also his talents as a composer are proved, when Bex founds the quintet BEX'tet, in 1991. 1995 Emmanuel is decorated with the Django Reinhardt Award by the French Académie du Jazz.

Projects like Steel Bex (the steel drums, the national instrument of Trinidad, take the main part in this project) and Bex Machine (the revival of the trio organ, guitar and drums in good tradition of organists like Jimmy Smith) are initiated in 1997.
Emmanuel took also part in sessions with Barney Wilen, Didier Lockwood, Gordon Beck, Philip Catherine Aldo Romano, Bireli Lagrene and a lot more of the well known jazz players.
In 2008, Emmanuel's composition "Esperanto Cantabile", a concerto for Hammond organ and orchestra, has been premiered. You can listen to this concerto please see the link below in the section "samples".

contact: emmanuel.bex@sfr.fr
homepage: www.emmanuelbex.net
myspace www.myspace.com/emmanuelbex
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Rouge et Or
Pee Wee Music PW 004
released 1995
recorded live February 1995 in France
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond organ
Yves Brouqui, guitar
Guillaume Kervel, steel drums, percussion
Guillaume Naturel, sax, flute
Olivier Renne, drums
At Duc Des Lombards
Verve 537086-2
recorded live April 1996 in Paris/France
Christian Escoudé, guitar
Emmanuel Bex, organ
Bruno Ziarelli, drums
Steel Bex
Pee Wee Music PW 009
released 1997
recorded May 1997 in France
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond organ, piano, accordion
Guillaume Kervel, steel drums, percussion
Olivier Renne, drums
Pee Wee Music PW 022
recorded May 1998 in France
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond organ
Bireli Lagrene, guitar
André Ceccarelli, drums
Philip Catherine, guitar
Aldo Romano, drums
Claude Barthélémy, guitar
Stéphane Buchard, drums
A Tribute To Wes Montgomery
Philology W138.2
recorded 1998 in Roma/Italy
Fabio Zeppetella, guitar
Emmanuel Bex, organ
Roberto Gatto, drums
Naïve Y 225098
recorded March/June 1999 in Aubervilliers/France
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond B-3 organ, fender-Rhodes, clavinet
Stéphane Huchard, drums
Jean-Philippe Viret, bass
Jerôme Barde, guitar
Patrick Bebey, vocals, flute
Myriam Betty, vocals
François Verly, percussions
Xavier Jouvelet, percussions, programming
Here & Now!
Naïve Y 226125
recorded November 2000 in Waimes/Belgium
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond organ
Glenn Ferris, trombone
Simon Goubert, drums
Naïve 2 CD Y226200
recorded in Alfortville/France
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Michael Felberbaum, guitar
Jean-Philippe Viret, bass
Aldo Romano, drums
Conversing With Melody
Naïve NV 800911
recorded 2004 in France
Emmanuel Bex, piano, organ, vocals
Naïve NV 809311
recorded March 2006 in Malakoff/France
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond organ, vocoder
Mônica Passos, vocals
Jérôme Barde, guitar
Frédéric Monino, bass
François Laizeau, drums
Open Gate
Plus Loin Music PL4517
recorded February/April 2009 in Malakoff/France
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond B-3 organ, pipe organ
Francesco Bearzatti, tenor sax, clarinet
Simon Goubert, drums
The Translators
Parco Della Musica Records MPR 021CD
recorded July 2008 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Roma/Italy
Pietro Tonolo, soprano sax, tenor sax
Flavio Boltro, trumpet
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond organ
Joe Chambers, vibes, drums
JazzItaliano Live 2009
Casa del Jazz CDJ4_02
recorded live 21 July 2009 at Casa del Jazz in Roma/Italy
Roberto Gatto, drums
Franceso Bearzatti, tenor sax, clarinet
Giovanni Falzone, trombone
Emmanuel Bex, organ
Dario Deidda, bass
Organ Masters
Must Record MR 6213-3
recorded March 2007 in Paris/France
Rhoda Scott, Hammond organ
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond organ
Thierry Eliez, Hammond organ
Stéfan Patry, Hammond organ
Benoît Sourisse, Hammond organ
Bonsaï Music
recorded 2013
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond organ, vocoder
Nico Morelli, piano
Mike Ladd, slam, spoken words
Now Or Never
Naïve NJ 623711
recorded live 28 and 29 June 2013 at Sunset in Paris/France
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond organ, vocoder
Nico Morelli, piano
Mike Ladd, slam, spoken words
Via Veneto Jazz VVJ 113
recorded in Italy
Fabio Zeppetella, guitar
Emmanuel Bex, organ, voice
Géraldine Laurent, alto sax
Roberto Gatto, drums
La Belle Vie
Sunset Records SUN025
Emmanuel Bex, organ
Philip Catherine, guitar
Aldo Romano, drums
Le Bex'tet 'Round Rock
Le Triton TRI-20561
Emmanuel Bex, organ, keytar, accordeon
Thomas De Pourquery, saxophone
Antonin Fresson, guitar
Tristan Bex, drums, cajon
Inner Songs
Day After Music
Olivier Temime, sax
Stéphane Belmondo, trumpet, flugelhorn
Emmanuel Bex, organ
Étienne Deconfin, piano
Samuel Hubert, bass
Antoine Paganotti, drums
Arnold Moueza, percussion
Oxmo Puccino, vocals

Sound Samples
MP3 "L'hymne à l'amour", from the album "3"
06:56 - 6,506kB
MP3 Concerto for Hammond organ and orchestra, 3 movements
50:47 - 59,546kB
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