Intuit: Intuit - The Album

cover picture Compost Records CPT 165-1

Thomas Braun, percussion, drums
Till Maragnoli, bass
Acimo, keyboards, piano
Harald Amberger, flute, saxophone
Pascal Beck, trombone
Andy Bey, vocals
Doug Carn, Hammond organ
Jürgen Dederichs, trombone
Frank Goos, bass, clarinet
Wolfgang Greser, violin
Niels Kaiser, sitar
Airto Moreira, percussion, vocals
Bernhard Münchbach, trumpet, flugelhorn
Ray Obiedo, guitar
Harald Paul, violin
Esther Przybylski, viola
Flora Purim, vocals
Michael Spiro, percussion
Markus Tillier, cello
Cécile Verny, vocals
Thomas Wagner, tuba, bass trombone


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