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Frank Oidtmann:
Die Orgel Tanzt
Label Animato ACD 6097
recorded August 2006 at Ulrichskirche in Süßen/Germany
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Frank Oidtmann church organ


Track List
01: John Cook, Fanfare

Michael Praetorius
02: Branle De Village
03: Courante
04: Ballet
05: Volte
06: Pavane De Spaigne
07: Gavotte

08: Hans André Stamm, RondoAlla Celtica
09: Samuel Scheidt, Variationen über eine Gagliarda (Dowland)

Norbert Linke
10: Waltz Of Joy
11: Moonrise Blues
12: Polonaise Of Love Power
13: Daybreak In Spain
14: Hungarian Pater Noster
15: Wonderful King Of America
16: Praise God, The Lord Of Earth
17: Johann Sebastian Bach, Fuge in G
18: Percy E. Fletcher, Festival Toccata

19: Johann Sebastian Bach, 3. Satz der Triosonate d
20: Charles-Marie Widor, 2. Satz der Symphonie Nr. 3

Johannes Matthias Michel
21: Swing Five
22: Bossa Nova
23: Afro-Cuban

24: Sigfried Karg-Elert, Valse mignonne
25: Andreas Willscher, Toccata alla Rumba


A collection of rhythmic organ compositions under the title "the organ dances" or, as the translation of the liner notes from German into English says, "the organ's got rhythm" is presented by the German (classical) organist Frank Oidtmann. It is not a typical jazz CD, but nevertheless worth mentioning, as it contains jazzy compositions of Norbert Linke, Johannes Matthias Michel and Andreas Willscher, which are interpreted by Oidtmann in a really swinging way. It demands high skills to play such compositions with the necessary groove. Surely, to play jazz from scores is an approach to jazz only, as there is a lack of an important element, the improvisation. Nonetheless, the approach of Frank Oidtmann lets you feel how a swinging and jazzy pipe organ can sound like. The CD contains also, as its title gives away, compositions of dances of several centuries, such as J.S. Bach, M. Praetorius, S. Scheidt, J. Cook, C.M. Widor and P. Fletcher. All in all a felicitous and impressive compilation played by a highly experienced artist.


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