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Build An Ark:
Love Part 1
Label Kindred Spirits KS 028CD
recorded November 2001 in Echo Park, CA and Los Angeles, CA/USA
online distribution


Brendan Willard alto sax
Yaakov Levy tenor sax, flute
Alfredo Rivera tenor sax
Tracy Wannomae tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute
Phil Ranelin trombone
Tara Speiser bassoon
Chris Lea flute
Amy Sanchez French horn
Damon Aaron guitar, vocals
Andres Renteria guitar, drums, percussion
Paul Livingstone sitar
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Hammond B-3 organ, Wurlitzer piano, violin, viola
Brandon Coleman Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Jim Lang Hammond B-3 organ, piano, vocals
John Rangel piano
Dwight Trible Wurlitzer piano, vocals
Michael White violin
Peter Jacobson cello
Rebekah Raff harp
Nick Rosen bass
Trevor Ware bass, vocals
Tony Austin drums
Kharon Harrison drums
Leon Mobley djembe
Carlos Niño percussion, vocals
Derf Reklaw-Raheem congas
Asenath Alexander vocals
Kafara Alexander vocals
Kali Alexander vocals
Khafre Alexander vocals
Khunum Alexander vocals
Diana Booker vocals
Sheila Govindarajan vocals
Tracey Hart vocals
Gaby Hernandez vocals
Waberi Jordan vocals
Nora Lang vocals
Carmen Lundy vocals
Felicia Maxwell vocals
Mark Maxwell vocals
Miles Maxwell vocals
Azul Niño vocals
Dexter Story vocals
Mia Doi Todd vocals
Kamau Daaood recitation


Track List
01: Love
02: This Prayer: For the Whole World
03: How Do We End All This Madness?/Play the Music!
04: Celebrate (Dwight Trible)
05: Sweet Thing/Sweet Thing (Reprise)
06: Fun's Theme
07: Sunflowers in My Garden
08: Love Is Everywhere
09: In the Park
10: World Music
11: World Peace Now
12: May It Be So
13: More Love




Sound Samples
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