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Brandon Coleman
Known primarily as a multifaceted keyboardist who has performed and recorded with dozens of artists, Brandon has also released Self Taught (2015) and Resistance (2018), cheerful albums that have enabled the jazz-rooted artist to indulge in his love for electronic funk. The Los Angeles native started playing piano in his teens, inspired and guided by brother Marcus Coleman, and after high school continued his studies locally at the Colburn School. He became a prominent touring and session player during the early 2000s.
Since establishing long-term associations with Kamasi Washington, Ryan Porter, and other notable L.A. musicians, he has branched out with the likes of Babyface, Alicia Keys, and Anthony Hamilton, and has become what is possibly the lone link between smooth jazz stalwart Boney James and polyglot experimentalist Flying Lotus. Coleman debuted as a leader in 2011 with Self Taught (reissued in 2015 on Beat Japan), and seven years later followed up with Resistance on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label. Heavily inspired by late-'70s and early-'80s advancements made by the likes of Herbie Hancock, George Duke, and Zapp, the albums showcased Coleman's mastery and manipulation of numerous electric keyboards and synthesizers, as well as his songwriting, arranging, production, and vocoder-enhanced vocal skills.
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Love Part 1
Kindred Spirits KS 028CD
recorded November 2001 in Echo Park, CA and Los Angeles, CA/USA
Brendan Willard, alto sax
Yaakov Levy, tenor sax, flute
Alfredo Rivera, tenor sax
Tracy Wannomae, tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute
Phil Ranelin, trombone
Tara Speiser, bassoon
Chris Lea, flute
Amy Sanchez, French horn
Damon Aaron, guitar, vocals
Andres Renteria, guitar, drums, percussion
Paul Livingstone, sitar
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Hammond B-3 organ, Wurlitzer piano, violin, viola
Brandon Coleman, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Jim Lang, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, vocals
John Rangel, piano
Dwight Trible, Wurlitzer piano, vocals
Michael White, violin
Peter Jacobson, cello
Rebekah Raff, harp
Nick Rosen, bass
Trevor Ware, bass, vocals
Tony Austin, drums
Kharon Harrison, drums
Leon Mobley, djembe
Carlos Niño, percussion, vocals
Derf Reklaw-Raheem, congas
Asenath Alexander, vocals
Kafara Alexander, vocals
Kali Alexander, vocals
Khafre Alexander, vocals
Khunum Alexander, vocals
Diana Booker, vocals
Sheila Govindarajan, vocals
Tracey Hart, vocals
Gaby Hernandez, vocals
Waberi Jordan, vocals
Nora Lang, vocals
Carmen Lundy, vocals
Felicia Maxwell, vocals
Mark Maxwell, vocals
Miles Maxwell, vocals
Azul Niño, vocals
Dexter Story, vocals
Mia Doi Todd, vocals
Kamau Daaood, recitation
Back To Love
RCA 88697-99138 -2

Anthony Hamilton, vocals
Donald Hayes, tenor sax, baritone sax
Randy Ellis, horn
Chris Gray, horn
Ryan Porter, horn
Vincent Henry, sax, clarinet, flute, guitar
Justin Kirk, trombone
Bruce Purse, trumpet, flugelhorn
Bijon Watson, trumpet
Bobby Ross Avila, sitar, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, bass
Randy Bowland, guitar
Kenneth Edmonds, guitar, bass
Iz Drums, guitar, percussion
Eli Menezes, guitar
Jairus Mozee, guitar
Kelvin Wooten, guitar, piano
John Adams, piano
Oliver "Akos" Castelli, synthesizer
Brandon Coleman, organ
James Poyser, organ
Phillip Kevin Wyatt, harmonica
Frederic Yonnet, harmonica
Nicole Garcia, violin
Orisha Pelzer, violin
Edith Yokley, violin
Nancy P, viola
Jocelyn Butler, cello
Kaveh Rastegar, bass
Salaam Remi, bass
Bryan Russell, bass
Troy Auxilly-Wilson, drums
Dan Kramer, drums
Richie Pena, drums
Keri Hilson, vocals
Satellite Love
Dox Records Dox193

Giovanca Ostiana, vocals
Julien Lourou, soprano sax, tenor sax
Catalin Milea, soprano sax, alto sax, flute
Bart Suer, baritone sax
David Rockefeller, trombone, trumpet
Randell Heye, trumpet
Ronald Snijders, flute
Nelson & Djosa, guitar, percussion
Rory Ronde, guitar
Timothy Banchet, piano
Peter Bergman, piano
Alex Bonfanti, synthesizer, bass
Brandon Coleman, clavinet, Fender Rhodes, organ, piano, synthesizer, vocoder
Frits Landesbergen, vibes
Lavinia Meijer, harp
Natahn Allen, drums
Pernell Saturnino, percussion
Steve Hartley, vocals
Self Taught
Beat Records BRC-492

Brandon Coleman, organ, synthsizer, clavinet, bass, guitar
Eddie Minnifield, alto sax
Kamasi Washington, tenor sax
Isaac Smith, trombone
Ryan Porter, trombone
Christopher Gray, trumpet
John Daversa, trumpet
Winston Byrd, trumpet
Samir Moulay Elmehdaoui, guitar
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, violin, viola
Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner, bass
Gene Coye, drums
Keenan Ephiram, drums
Oscar Seaton, drums
Robert Miller, drums
James Allen, percussion
Psycho Bass
no label

Byron Miller, keyboards, bass, vocals
Trevor Lawrence jr., alto sax, drums, percussion
Terrace Martin, alto sax
Kamasi Washington, tenor sax
Darrell Crooks, guitar
Gregory Moore, guitar
David T. Walker, guitar
Brandon Coleman, organ, Fender Rhodes
Phil Davis, organ
George Duke, Fender Rhodes piano
David Goldblatt, synthesizer, percussion
Herman Jackson, piano, synthesizer
Robert "Sput" Searight, keyboards
Gordon Campbell, drums
Leon "Ndugu" Chancler, drums
Rick Jordan, drums
Sheila E., percussion
Kimberly Brewer, vocals
Ellis Hall, vocals
Tim Owens, vocals
Darryl Phinnessee, vocals
Valerie Pinkston, vocals
The Epic
Brainfeeder BF050
Kamasi Washington, tenor sax
Shaunte Palmer, trombone
Ryan Porter, trombone
Todd Simon, trumpet
Igmar Thomas, trumpet
Brandon Coleman, organ, piano
Cameron Graves, piano, organ
Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner, bass
Miles Mosley, bass
Tony Austin, drums
Ronald Bruner, drums
Robert Miller, drums
Leon Mobley, percussion
Natasha F Agrama, vocals
Tracy Carter, vocals
Thalma de Freitas, vocals
Cameron Graves, vocals
Taylor Graves, vocals
Charles Jones, vocals
Gina Manziello, vocals
Jason Morales, vocals
Dawn Norfleet, vocals
Patrice Quinn, vocals
Dexter Story, vocals
Maiya Sykes, vocals
Dwight Trible, vocals
Steven Wayne, vocals
Brainfeeder BFCD069

Brandon Coleman, keyboards, synthesizer, piano
Christopher Gray, horn
Ryan Porter, horn
Kamasi Washington, horn
Samir "Semmi" Moulay Elmehdaoui, guitar
Billy Odum, guitar
Michael Ripoll, guitar
Jeremy Jeffers, keyboards
Arrietta Woods, harp
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, violin, viola
Yvette Holzwarth, violin
Darrell Freeman, bass
Miles Mosley, bass
Corey Mason, drums
Richie Pena, drums
Robert Miller, drums
Oscar Seaton, drums
James Allen, percussion
Allakoi Peete, percussion
N'Dambi, vocals
Patrice Quinn, vocals
Heaven And Earth
Young Turks YT176CD

Kamasi Washington, tenor sax
Terrace Martin, alto sax
Ryan Porter, trombone
Dontae Winslow, trumpet
Amber Joy Wyman, bassoon
Marc Bolin, tuba
Laura Brenes, French horn
Amy Sanchez, French horn
Greg Martin, oboe
Rickey Washington, flute
Tracy Wannomae, clarinet
Brandon Coleman, organ, vocoder
Jameal Dean, piano
Cameron Graves, piano, vocals
string section
Stephen Bruner, bass
Miles Mosley, bass
Gabe Noel, bass
Carlitos Del Puerto, bass
Dominic Thiroux, bass
Tony Austin, drums
Ronald Bruner jr., drums
Robert Miller, drums
Jonathan Pinson, drums
Robert "Sput" Searight, drums
Kahlil Cummings, percussion
Allakoi Peete, percussion
Nia Andrews, vocals
Jackie Fiske, vocals
Thalma de Freitas, vocals
Taylor Graves, vocals
Angelo D. Johnson jr., vocals
Dawn Norfleet, vocals
Patrice Quinn, vocals
Sonnet Simmons, vocals
Dwight Trible, vocals
Dustin Warren, vocals
Amaya Washington, vocals
Steven Wayne, vocals
Mashica Winslow, vocals
Fearless Movement
Young YO350LP
Kamasi Washington, alto sax, tenor sax
Terrace Martin, alto sax
Ryan Porter, trombone
Dontae Winslow, trumpet
André 3000, flute
Rickey Washington, flute
Woody Aplanalp, guitar
Joel Whitley, guitar
Cameron Graves, piano
Brandon Coleman, organ
Mono/Poly, synthesizer
Stephen Bruner (Thundercat), bass
Miles Mosley, double bass
Ben Williams, bass
Tony Austin, drums
Ronald Bruner jr., drums
Robert Miller, drums
Kahlil Cummings, percussion
Carlos Niño, percussion
Allakoi Peete, percussion
DJ Battlecat, turntables
Banchamlak Abegase, vocals
Ras Austin, vocals
Taj Austin, vocals
BJ the Chicago Kid, vocals
George Clinton, vocals
Henok Elias, vocals
Patrice Quinn, vocals
D Smoke, vocals
Dwight Trible, vocals

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