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Omar And The Howlers:
Essential Collection
Label Ruf Records RUF 1174
recorded compilation
online distribution


Omar Dykes guitars, harmonica, vocals
David "Fathead" Newman tenor sax
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff baritone sax
Chris Duarte guitar
Roscoe Beck guitar
Bradley Kopp guitar
Magic Slim guitar
Robert McEntee guitar
Derek O'Brien guitar
Jimmy Vaughn guitar
Stephen Bruton slide guitar
Malcolm "Papa Mali" Welbourne guitar, sitar
Ivan Sand banjo
Nick Connolly organ, piano
Reese Wynans organ, piano
Barry Bihm bass guitar
Dion Egtved bass guitar
Ronnie James bass guitar
Bruce Jones bass guitar
Paul Junior bass guitar
George Reiff bass guitar
Gary Primich harmonica
Garry "Phareaux" Felton bass guitar
Spencer Starres bass guitar
Terry Bozzio drums
Gene Brandon drums
Jake Dykes drums
John Hahn drums
Steve Kilmer drums
George Rains drums
Nalle Sørensen drums
Wes Starr drums
B.E. "Frosty" Smith drums, percussion
Mark Hallman percussion
Chris Searless percussion
Lou Ann Barton vocals


Track List
CD1-01: Magic Man
CD1-02: East Side Blues
CD1-03: Border Girl
CD1-04: Hard Times In The Land Of Plenty
CD1-05: Bad Seed
CD1-06: Wall Of Pride
CD1-07: Mississippi Hoo Doo Man
CD1-08: Big Chief Pontiac
CD1-09: Tears Like Rain
CD1-10: Monkey Land
CD1-11: Snake Oil Doctor
CD1-12: Muddy Springs Road
CD1-13: Boogie Man
CD1-14: You Made Me Laugh
CD1-15: Jimmy Reed Highway
CD2-01: I Want You
CD2-02: Snake Rhythm Rock
CD2-03: Burn It To The Ground
CD2-04: Got My Heart Set On You
CD2-05: Work Song
CD2-06: Alligator Wine
CD2-07: Do It For Daddy
CD2-08: I'm Wild About You
CD2-09: That's Your Daddy Yaddy Yo
CD2-10: Stone Cold Blues
CD2-11: Girl's Got Rhythm
CD2-12: Life Without You
CD2-13: World Of Trouble
CD2-14: Sugar Ditch
CD2-15: Built For Comfort




Sound Samples
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