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Nick Connolly
Nick is a keyboardist and blues vocalist based in Austin, TX. Originally from Boston, Nick was living in Santa Barbara, CA when he decided to relocate to Austin in 1980. Once in Austin, he began playing piano, organ and singing with Stevie Ray Vaughn, Delbert McClinton, Marcia Ball, Lee Roy Parnell, and Steve Forbert and performing with bands including The Howlers, the Cobras, and The Fabulous Thunderbirds.
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Texas Soul
Black Top Records CD BT-1131
recorded in Austin, TX/USA
W. C. Clark, guitar, vocals
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, soprano sax, tenor sax, baritone sax
Ward Smith, tenor sax, baritone sax
John Touchy, trombone
Randy Zimmerman, trombone
Steve Howard, trumpet
Derek O'Brien, guitar
Nick Connolly, piano, organ
Riley Osborne, piano, organ
Gerald Spencer, bass
Larry Fulcher, bass
Tommy Shannon, bass
C.C. Pinkston, drums
Chris Layton, drums
In Wise Hands
Horn O'Copia 4277
recorded in Arlington, TX; Lubbock, TX; Knoxville, TN/USA
Don Wise, tenor sax, vocals
Ron Jones, baritone sax
Frank Brown, trombone
Terry Townson, trumpet
Bugs Henderson, guitar, vocals
Steve Williams, guitar
Nick Connolly, organ
Chuck Brown, bass
Tim Loftin, bass
Steve Meador, drums
Bobby Price, congas
Delbert McClinton, vocals
Lover's Plea
Black Top Records CD BT-1145
recorded in Austin, TX/USA
W. C. Clark, guitar, vocals
Derek O'Brien, guitar
Brant Leeper, organ
Nick Connolly, organ, piano
Riley Osborne, organ, piano
Brant Leeper, piano
Gerald Spencer, bass
Larry Fulcher, bass
Sarah Brown, bass
Tommy Shannon, bass
Barry "Frosty" Smith, drums
C. C. Pinkerton, drums
Chris Layton, drums
Genuine Snake
Horn O'Copia 9475
recorded in Austin, TX; Farmville, VA; Lubbock, TX/USA
Don Wise, tenor sax, vocals
Jimmy Bowland, baritone sax
Terry Townson, trumpet, flugelhorn
Todd Sharp, guitar
Steve "Syco Steve" Williams, guitar
Nick Connolly, Hammond organ
Kevin McKendree, Hammond organ
George Hawkins, bass, vocals
Steve Meador, drums
Lynn Williams, drums
Steve Bassett, vocals
Teresa James, vocals
Big Joe Maher, vocals
Dog House Music
Me And My Blues Records MMBCD 9
recorded in Austin, TX/USA
Gary Primich, harmonica, vocals
John H.R. Mills, tenor sax
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, baritone sax
Chris Masterson, guitar
Jon Moeller, guitar
Nick Connolly, organ, piano
Gene Taylor, piano
Randy Glines, bass
Jim Starboard, drums
Barry "Frosty" Smith, percussion
Blues Woman
Yellow Dog Records YLDG 1653
recorded in Austin, TX/USA
Fiona Boyes, guitar, vocals
Kaz Kazanoff, tenor sax, baritone sax, harmonica, percussion
Al Gomez, trumpet
Derek O'Brien, guitar
Watermelon Slim, dobro, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Marcia Ball, piano
Nick Connolly, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Pinetop Perkins, piano, vocals
Ronnie James, bass
Jimi Bott, drums, percussion
The Congregation, handclapping, vocals
Essential Collection
Ruf Records RUF 1174
Omar Dykes, guitars, harmonica, vocals
David "Fathead" Newman, tenor sax
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, baritone sax
Chris Duarte, guitar
Roscoe Beck, guitar
Bradley Kopp, guitar
Magic Slim, guitar
Robert McEntee, guitar
Derek O'Brien, guitar
Jimmy Vaughn, guitar
Stephen Bruton, slide guitar
Malcolm "Papa Mali" Welbourne, guitar, sitar
Ivan Sand, banjo
Nick Connolly, organ, piano
Reese Wynans, organ
Barry Bihm, bass guitar
Dion Egtved, bass guitar
Ronnie James, bass guitar
Bruce Jones, bass guitar
Paul Junior, bass guitar
George Reiff, bass guitar
Gary Primich, harmonica
Garry "Phareaux" Felton, bass guitar
Spencer Starres, bass guitar
Terry Bozzio, drums
Gene Brandon, drums
Jake Dykes, drums
John Hahn, drums
Steve Kilmer, drums
George Rains, drums
Nalle Sørensen, drums
Wes Starr, drums
B.E. "Frosty" Smith, drums, percussion
Mark Hallman, percussion
Chris Searless, percussion
Lou Ann Barton, vocals
Blues Gotta Holda Me
Vizztone VT-TH01

Mark 'Kaz' Kazanoff, tenor sax, harmonica, vocals
John Mills, tenor sax, baritone sax
Adalberto Gomez, trumpet, flugelhorn
Anson Funderburgh, guitar
Derek O'Brien, guitar
Nick Connolly, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, vocals
Danny Levin, piano
Johnny Nicholas, piano
Marcia Ball, piano, vocals
Ronnie James Webber, bass
Johnny Bradley, bass
Barry "Frosty" Smith, drums
Roscoe Beck, vocals
W.C. Clark, vocals
Tengo Blues
Vizztone CDJDTR1
recorded February 2015 in Austin, TX/USA
Jonn Del Toro Richardson, guitar, vocals
Texas Horns
Anson Funderburgh, guitar
Nick Connolly, piano, organ
Nathan Rowe, bass
Wes Starr, drums
Lawrence Del Toro, percussion
Ina Forsman
Ruf Records RUF 1223

Ina Forsman, vocals
Mark Kazanoff, tenor sax, vocals
John Mills, baritone sax, flute
Al Gomez, trumpet, flugelhorn
Aaron Kazanoff, trumpet
Laura Chavez, guitar
Derek O'Brien, guitar
Nick Connolly, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, vocals
Jamie Hilboldt, keyboards
Helge Tallqvist, harmonica
Russell Jackson, bass
Tommy Taylor, drums, percussion, vocals
Alice Spencer, vocals
Texas Queens 5
Dialtone Records VT-DT0030
recorded in Austin, TX/USA
Mark 'Kaz' Kazanoff, tenor sax
Koda "Young Corn" Shintaro, tenor sax
Osikawa Yukimasa, baritone sax
Coh "Colonel Sanders", trombone
Johnny Moeller, guitar
Nick Connolly, organ, piano
The Takeo, bass
Kiminori "Dog Boy", drums, congas
Lauren Cervantes, vocals
Diunna Greenleaf, vocals
Jai Malano, vocals
Angela Miller, vocals
Queens All Together, vocals
Crystal Thomas, vocals

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