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Satellite Love
Label Dox Records Dox193
online distribution


Giovanca Ostiana vocals
Julien Lourou soprano sax, tenor sax
Catalin Milea soprano sax, alto sax, flute
Bart Suer baritone sax
David Rockefeller trombone, trumpet
Randell Heye trumpet
Ronald Snijders flute
Nelson & Djosa guitar, percussion
Rory Ronde guitar
Timothy Banchet piano
Peter Bergman piano
Alex Bonfanti synthesizer, bass
Brandon Coleman clavinet, Fender Rhodes, organ, piano, synthesizer, vocoder
Frits Landesbergen vibes
Lavinia Meijer harp
Natahn Allen drums
Pernell Saturnino percussion
Steve Hartley vocals


Track List
01: Reginald & Desire
02: Look Of The State
03: Lockdown
04: Real
05: How Does It Feel
06: Bad Wishes
07: Finally Yours
08: Uphill
09: I Will Wait
10: No More
11: Satellite Love
12: Forgive My Soul
13: We Can't
14: Come Around




Sound Samples
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