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T.C. Pfeiler:
Feeling Good Music from Salzburg, Austria
Label Tonewheel Records TWR 202001
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T.C. Pfeiler Hammond organ


Track List
CD1-01: Nights Of Endless Love
CD1-02: Young Lovers Summer
CD1-03: With All My Love For You
CD1-04: You In My Arms In The Moonlight
CD1-05: Love Is Life
CD1-06: Exotica
CD1-07: We Grew Up In Peace
CD1-08: We Vote For Love And Happiness
CD1-09: For Beautiful Pretty Famous And Lovely Faces Only
CD1-10: For Famous And Beautiful Ladies
CD1-11: We Live Our Dreams
CD1-12: For Our Love
CD1-13: Paradise Island Impressions
CD1-14: Colors Of Lifejoy
CD1-15: Walkin' Happy
CD1-16: Who Is Always Happy
CD1-17: We Are So Beautiful
CD1-18: Believe In Love And Music
CD1-19: Love Confession
CD1-20: Song About My Love
CD2-01: For All The Love I've Got
CD2-02: Everyday I Wake Up In Love
CD2-03: Côte d’Azur Impressions
CD2-04: A Warm And Peaceful Day On Early Summer
CD2-05: Love Is Success
CD2-06: When A Girl Loves A Woman
CD2-07: Evening By The Sea
CD2-08: Days Of Charme And Love
CD2-09: It Belongs To My Life
CD2-10: Peace And Harmony
CD2-11: Lost In Love Forever
CD2-12: Never Ending Nights With You
CD2-13: Somewhere In The Clouds Of Love
CD2-14: Tropical Lovers Under Palms
CD2-15: Love In A Hatchback Coupe
CD2-16: Die Lust auf’s Leben
CD2-17: Something About Happiness
CD2-18: One Heaven One Love
CD2-19: Love Me Under Southern Stars
CD2-20: Love Nights
CD3-01: What The World Need Is Peace
CD3-02: Dreaming Lovers
CD3-03: A Song Called Happiness
CD3-04: Let’s Build A Bridge Of Life And Peace
CD3-05: Sphinxia
CD3-06: Spring Love
CD3-07: Paradise Joy
CD3-08: June Nights Are For Lovers
CD3-09: Soft Music Sweet Words And A Kiss
CD3-10: For Ev’ry Happy Moment
CD3-11: It’s Always Beautiful With You
CD3-12: Das ewig Kommen Sein Vergeh’n
CD3-13: Be Beautiful And Lovely
CD3-14: I Vote For Peace
CD3-15: Two Lost In Love
CD3-16: Tropical Nights Are For Dancers And Lovers
CD3-17: I’m In Love With Harmony
CD3-18: Midnight Love Dance
CD3-19: My Work Is Happiness
CD3-20: Brilliance Of Brilliants
CD4-01: Lovelier Than Young Springtime
CD4-02: All My Love Is Just For You
CD4-03: I Love U Forever
CD4-04: All Colors Of Love
CD4-05: Southern Love
CD4-06: Summer Love Night
CD4-07: Since We Are In Love
CD4-08: Lovely Old Lady
CD4-09: We Are Born To Love
CD4-10: Yesterday Love Song
CD4-11: Southern Happiness
CD4-12: May Flowers And Your Love
CD4-13: Star Girlie
CD4-14: Unser Platz im ewig Kreislauf
CD4-15: Two In Love Again
CD4-16: Lullaby For Midnight Lovers
CD4-17: Dinner For Lovers
CD4-18: Joy And Happiness
CD4-19: When I Feel Your Love Is True
CD4-20: It Happens With Life




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