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T.C. Pfeiler:
Feeling Good Music Around The Clock
Label Tonewheel Records
online distribution


T.C. Pfeiler Hammond B-3 organ


Track List
01: Just Peace
02: Love Is Mighty and Strong
03: You’re the Only One Love
04: Pretty
05: Late Love Romance
06: I Pay with Love
07: Southern Night Romance
08: First Love In July
09: Sweet Romance At Midnight
10: Sweet Soft And Tenderly
11: Bright Waves
12: Love Is Always Modern
13: Lullaby For Love And Lovers
14: Everyday I’ll Take Your Hand
15: Open Your Heart For The Wonders Of Life
16: She’s My Old And New Love
17: Modulation One
18: Keep Your Love Forever Young
19: Love Dance Of The Glowworms
20: Love In The Moonlight
21: With My Love
22: Streets Of Your Life
23: Thank You Life For Love
24: We Are Where Love Is
25: Free And Loveable Lovers Are Winners
27: Happiness On Birthday
28: Love For A Better World
29: Love Is Foolish
30: Another Warm And Cozy Place
29: Love Is Foolish
30: Another Warm And Cozy Place
31: Everywhere There Is Something Lovely
32: Our Love Is New Everyday
33: Deep Southern Love
34: Love Call Of The Sirens
35: For Life And Time
36: Drum dank ich jeden Tag der Schöpfung neu
37: Lonesome Happiness
38: Look For Love Again
39: Words Of Love And Happiness
40: Sarah’s True Love
41: Live Your Life Ev’ry Moment
42: Love Bells
43: Yesterdays Romance
44: When You Whisper Words Of Love
45: Light Up Your Life
46: We Belong To Life
47: Waves Of Life
48: I Feel You Would Say I’m In Love
49: Endless Way
50: For Love And Peace Again
51: Short Break
52: The Book of Love
53: A Piece of Peace
54: June Air
55: When Golden Leaves Begin To Fall
56: Children Games
57: Sunny Summer Sunday
58: Quiet Landscape
59: Winter Was Breezin’
60: Golden Sun Of Autumn
61: Tradizione
62: Falling Up
63: Snowman’s Tears
64: IM
65: Springtime Colors
66: Some Summer Rain In the Afternoon
67: Years Ago
68: Example
69: West Port Alley
70: I Can Read In Your Eyes
71: Heaven Is In Your Eyes
72: Petit Magalie
73: You In My Arms And A Kiss
74: Two Sentimental Lovers
75: Glad To Be So Happy
76: When I Fall In Love Again
77: Shady Judy
78: This Song Is Love
79: For Your Smiling Face
80: She’s A Slip Of A Girl
81: HD
82: Midnight Girlie
83: Love In Minor
84: First Love And Kisses
85: Unforgettable First Love
86: Swinging Happy
87: Autumn Song
88: Dance With Me My Love
89: It’s A Happy Life
90: Value Of Peace
91: Your Magic Eyes




Sound Samples
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