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Markus Kuczewski
Markus, born 1978 in Austria, lives in Lübeck since his early childhood, and had his first musical contacts through his father, the director of music at the Lübecker Theater. Piano lessons at the age of 7, organ studies at 14 and a deep feeling for this music formed his further way. After having taken his A-levels Markus merged into the professional music scene with his organ trio, with which he had won the 1st prize at the "Schleswig-Holstein jazzt", in 1996.
In 1999, Markus founded "Groove Galaxi", a band, which meanwhile gained a wide reputation.
contact: markus.kuczewski@arcor.de
homepage: www.the-organics.com
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Groove Galaxi
Traumton 4452
recorded 2001 in Berlin/Germany
Markus Kuczewski, organ, sythesizers
Sönke Düwer, drums, sythesizers
Interstellar Hi-Fi Patrol
Traumton 4457
recorded 2002 in Berlin/Germany
Markus Kuczewski, organ, Fender Rhodes, bass
Sönke Düwer, drums, sampler, percussion
Stephan Meinberg, trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
Elisabeth Thompson, vocals
Stephan Kuchel, soprano sax

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