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Simon Oslender
Simon was born in 1998 in Aachen, Germany. At age three, he wanted a bass drum for Christmas, and learned to play autodidacticly. Since then he has been a drummer
A DVD of John Mayall with Tom Canning playing the Hammond B-3 fascinated him deeply. Inspired by Barbara Dennerlein he also began to love jazz, funk and soul, which today are his favourite styles. At age nine, he asked the organist of his church to give him some lessons, and she agreed.
He also learned to play blues scales and chords by listening. Simon started to play in Bigbands, and in December 2009, Marc Huynen, the leader of the Vitzkids big band from Maastricht/NL, let him join the band. After a while, Simon took piano lessons with Stefan Michalke. Later, he worked together with Frank Chastenier, who was a mentor for him. In addition, he had attended masterclasses with Brad Mehldau, Timothy Carpenter, Georgie Fame and many more.
Jérôme Cardynaals, the Vitzkids' drummer, and Simon got best friends. Finally, they founded "Twogether" in 2010 and immediately won three awards at the Prinses Christina Concours in Amsterdam. That resulted in a bunch of gig requests and invitations to festivals, radio programs.
contact: s.oslender@gmx.de
homepage: simonoslender.webs.com
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Big Brothers
LN Records LNR 1108
recorded 2011
Simon Oslender, piano, organ
Jérôme Cardynaals, drums
Justin van Uum, bass
Marc Huynen, trumpet
Danh Thai, tenor sax
50 | 50
recorded 2014
Simon Oslender, piano, organ
Jérôme Cardynaals, drums
Bruno Müler, guitar
Peter Hermesdorf, sax
Jo Didderen, bass
About Time
Leopard D 78076
recorded summer 2019 in Bonn/Germany
Simon Oslender, keyboards
Ricky Peterson, synthesizer
Bruno Müller, guitar
Hanno Busch, guitar
Christopher Dell, vibes
Bill Evans, soprano sax, tenor sax
Paul Heller, tenor sax
Randy Brecker, trumpet, flugelhorn
Rüdiger Baldauf, trumpet
Claus Fischer, bass
Hendrik Smock, drums
Wolfgang Haffner, drums
Roland Peil, percussion
Cosmo Klein, vocals
Peter Fessler, vocals
Peace Of Mind
Leopard Leopard CD: D 77110, LP: D 78110
Simon Oslender, Hammond organ, piano, synthesizer
Will Lee, bass
Wolfgang Haffner, drums

Twogether 5th anniversary
recorded September 2014 at Altes Pfandhaus in Köln/Germany
Simon Oslender, Hammond organ, synthesizer
Jerome Cardynaals, drums
Bruno Müller, guitar

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