Maggy Scott
Her name does not sound German, but she is German, a Frankfurt girl who loves her Hammond above all. Hearing the music of Johann Sebastian Bach played on a church organ was the major event for the five year old Maggy to fall in love with music. It determined her life and strengthened her desire and decision to become a musician.
Since then, everything in her life revolved around the organ, and when she first heard the impressive sound of the legendary Hammond B-3 she knew that this organ was made for her. Throughout the idiom of jazz, Maggy was able to develop her musical persuits. Jazz satisfies her quest of free forms of improvisation and musical expression.
After graduating from college, Maggy went to New York City. It was in N.Y. jazzclubs where her untamed way of playing the organ attracted the attention of audiences and fellow musicians. Soon she established her newly founded trio with drums and tenorsax. During this time Maggy attended the renowned New School of Music in Manhattan, where she enhanced her studies of jazz with Reggie Workman, Frank Foster, Gary Dial, Lee Ann Ledgewood, Junior Mance, and Arnie Lawrence.
Back in Germany the young organist studied musicology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitä in Frankfurt where she took classical piano lessons with concert pianist Ronald Fries. Beyond that she concentrated intensively on the musical works of classical and modern composers from Bach to Messiaen. Maggy tours with saxophonist Peter Glessing, and participated in some of the well known German jazz festivals. She gave concerts in Austria and Switzerland as well.
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Something About ...
Ratten Platten R 028804
recorded October 1988 in Düsseldorf/Germany
Maggy Scott, Hammond organ
Peter Glessing, tenor sax, clarinet, voc
Tillmann Suhr, guitar, voc
Tommie Harris, drums, voc
Live At The Cafe Art
BMG 74321 41372 2
recorded March 1996 in Gelnhausen/Germany
Maggy Scott, Hammond organ
Peter Glessing, tenor sax, clarinet
Jeremy Geddie, Drums
Talking To The World
no label
recorded 2005 in Germany
Maggy Scott, Hammond B-3 organ
Ramesh Shotham, Indian percussion
Zoltan Lantos, violin
Samson Gassama, African percussion
Keith Copeland, drums
Timo Neumann, drums
New York Groove
ComaTone 1403-2
recorded July 2007 in Lollar/Germany
Maggy Scott, Hammond B-3 organ
Burkhard Mayer, guitar
Joe Bonica, drums

Live at the Subway, Köln/Germany
recorded 1996 at the Subway in Köln/Germany
Maggy Scott, organ
Jeremy Gaddie, drums
Peter Glessing, tenor sax

Sound Samples
MP3 "Shade Of Blue", from the album "Talking To The World"
06:01 - 5,644kB
Video n/a

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