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Mike Painter
Composer and Hammond player from Milan, Mike Painter (Michele Pingitore) began his career in the early eighties as member of the mod-beat band "Four By Art". The band were prime movers of the neosixties scene for a long time, boasting the self-produced single "My mind in four sight" and two albums for the Electric Eye label.
Following this success, Mike then formed mod-soul group "The Investigators" releasing a record for Vox Pop, one of the most highly-regarded Italian labels of that time. By now heavily influenced by the acid jazz scene, he continued to tour extensively with a series of changing line-ups inspired by Booker T. & the MG's, Jimmy Mc Griff, Corduroy and the James Taylor Quartet. Then it was time for a leap into a wider market with the pop-soul ensemble "Il Santo" where he teamed up with Alex Loggia (ex Statuto). Mike and Alex continued to collaborate as "Mr. Tokyo And Beat Goes On", a ska-rocksteady flavoured offshoot of Il Santo. Mr Tokyo went on to release the album "Summer Sessions" on the Audioglobe label.
Finally, after many years spent in different bands Mike released his first solo project: "MIKE PAINTER AND THE FAMILY SHAKERS". Teaming up with former Casino Royale player Roberto "Gato" Barbieri and Alex Loggia, Mike brings us a rich blend of sublime Hammond leads and cool modern jazz sounds.
Dave Mulligan
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Go Up!
SGR Records SGR001
recorded January 2003 in Milano/Italy
Mike Painter, Hammond C-3 organ, guitar, synthsizer, vocals
Roberto Barbieri Gato, tenor sax, flute
Alex Loggia, guitar
Claudio Falcone, vocals
Victor Fusetti, bass
Riki Cowell, drums
Domenico Riu, trombone
Alberto Lorenzon "Bon", percussions
Five Live
SGR Records, available as MP3 files only
recorded 2004 in Italy
Mike Painter, Hammond organ
Gino De Angelis, bass guitar
Roberto Tosi, drums
Ivan Padovani, trumpet
Roberto "Gato" Barbieri, tenor sax
Giancarlo "Ginko" Fiore, guitar
Wilson Chance: The Sound Of Danger
Hammond Beat HBR 002a
recorded 2003
Paolo Negri, Hammond organ, synthsizer, piano
Bradford Hoopes, Hammond organ, vibes
Mario Janser, Hammond organ
Mike Painter, Hammond organ
Chris Leopold, trumpet
Giulio "Link" Cardini, guitar
Vic Flick, guitar
Gerry Germann, guitar
Renzo Bassi, bass
Rolf Keller, bass
Brad Maestas, bass
Tony "Face" Bacciocchi, drums, percussion
Stefan Saurer, drums
Kelly White, drums
Kitty Devonshire, vocals
Linda Jackson, vocals
Hammond Voice
Sexy Groovy Rhythms SGR 003
recorded February 2011 in Milano/Italy
Mike Painter, Hammond organ, piano
Andrea Luciano, tenor sax
Mauro Trabucchi, tenor sax
Massimo Piredda, trombone
Ivan Padovani, trumpet
Toni Graziani, guitar
Giancarlo di Fiore, guitar
Andrea Centonze, drums
Maurizio Depalmas, drums
Viola Road, vocals
Nothing Changes
Sexy Groovy Rhythms SGR 006
recorded in Milano/Italy
Mike Painter, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, clavinet
Fabio Chesini, tenor sax, baritone sax
Ivan Padovani, trumpet
Toni Graziani, guitar
Andrea Centonze, drums
Viola Road, vocals

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