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Ivan Vicari
Ivan was born in Roma in 1957 and began to play the organ at the age of 6. Initially, he liked the rock music until the "magic" event occured 7 years later when he put a LP of Jimmy Smith onto the turntable. He was so surprised by Jimmy's sound that he started to study the playing of the Hammond organ. He did it with so much intensity that at the end the instrument became the "natural extension of his brain's hemisphere".
His musical background is laid basically by the traditional jazz organ styles till Joe De Francesco. He has played with F. Mariani, M. Verrone, I. Ingletti, M. Salvatore, N. Barraco, R. Altamura, the percussionist Tullio De Piscopo, the singer Karen Jones, etc. Recently, he formed the "AfroJazz Quartet" and the "Ivan Vicari Trio" which consists of Luca Ingletti at the drums and Francesco Poeti at the guitar.
contact: ivan.vicari@sigma-tau.com
homepage: www.organjazz.it
myspace www.myspace.com/ivanvicari
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In Salita
Organ Music Club
recorded 2005 (?) in Italy
Ivan Vicari, organ
Luca Ingletti, drums
Fracesco Poeti, guitar
Colpo Di Coda
Club Records CRB 017
recorded 2007 in Roma/Italy
Ivan Vicari, Hammond organ
Karl Potter, percussion
Genzo Okabe, sax

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MP3 "Salita", from the album "In Salita"
06:33 - 6,146kB
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