Steinar Nickelsen
Devoted to the B-3 organ, Steinar Nickelsen (* 1978) wanted to play every kind of music on the organ, not only the music associated with the jazzorgan tradition. This has resulted in an exploring playing with original tunes, while keeping the groovy feel of the Hammond organ. Steinar also plays church organ improvisations and other analogue keyboards (minimoog, oberheim obx, arp 2600).
He was elected "Young Norwegian Jazz Musician of the year" in 2002 with the trio "Solid!". This trio also won the international jazz contest in Getxo, Spain, in the summer 2003. In 2003 he played 8 concerts with "Trondheim JazzOrchestra" and Pat Metheny.
Nickelsen has also played with (among others) Pål Thowsen, Jon Eberson, Sidsel Endresen, Eldbjørg Raknes, Nils-Olav Johansen, Per Oddvar Johansen, Kresten Osgood, Marc Bernstein, Jonas Kullhammar, and the trio "Jupiter".
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The Rest Is Rumours
Curling Legs
recorded 2002 in Norway
Jon Eberson, guitar
Steinar Nickelsen, organ
Pål Thowsen, drums, percussion
Sidsel Endresen, vocal
AIM Records AIMCD107
recorded May 2004 in Oslo, July 2004 in Trondheim/Norway
Håvard Stubø, guitar
Steiner Nickelsen, organ
Magnus Forsberg, drums
Live At Glenn Miller Café
AIM Records AIMCD107
recorded February 2006 in Stockholm/Sweden
Håvard Stubø, guitar
Steiner Nickelsen, organ
Magnus Forsberg, drums
Jonas Kullhammar, tenor sax
Mise En Bouteille À New York
calibrated CALI040
recorded May 2006 in New York/USA
Steinar Nickelsen, organ
Lage Lund, guitar
Ari Hoenig, drums
Bolage BLGCD002
recorded February 2007 in Bodø/Norway
Steinar Nickelsen, Hammond B-3 organ, Minimoog
Håvard Stubø, guitar
Magnus Forsberg, drums
Jonas Kullhammar, tenor sax
Ilk 139
recorded December 2006 at Brorsons Kirke and Cathedral in København/Denmark
Steiner Nickelsen, organ, synthsizer
Gunnar Halle, trumpet
Jeppe Kjellberg, guitar
Excess Luggage
Park Grammofon 110
recorded January 2007 in Oslo/Norway
Steiner Nickelsen, Hammond B-3 organ
Vigleik Storaas, piano
Håkon Mjåset Johansen, drums
Alive In Shanghai
no label

JQ Whitcomb, trumpet
Willow Neilson, tenor saxophone
Alec Haavik, tenor saxophone
Lawrence Ku, guitar
Steinar Nickelsen, hammond organ
Chris Trzcinski, drums
Live In Shanghai
no label
recorded live June 2021 in Shanghai/China
Steinar Nickelsen, organ
Chris Trzcinski, drums
Leo Susi, percussion

Sound Samples
MP3 "Paris", from the album "Mise En Bouteille À New York"
04:21 - 4,086kB
MP3 "Nidaros", at the organ of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim/Norway
04:29 - 4,217kB
Video n/a

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