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Andreas Hellkvist
It wasn't until the last year of high school that Andreas (* 1976) discovered the Hammond organ, a remarkable fact considering that he grew up in a town that has produced two of Sweden's most prominent jazz organ players, Nippe Sylwén and Pierre Swärd.
Andreas started playing the piano in fifth grade, but gave it up a few years later to play the guitar. When he discovered jazz music at the age of 16 heswitched back to the piano, and then one winter night in 1995 he went to see Pierre Swärd in concert at a place in his hometown. The sound, the power of the instrument and Pierre's intense playing made it clear that there was only one way to go, to start playing the organ. So Andreas got a Hammond B200 and started taking lessons from Pierre. Two years later he got himself an A100 and that's the organ he still carries around. At present, Andreas is playing with some different groups, mostly in concerts but also some studio jobs. The two most direct influences are Pierre Swärd and Kjell Öhman, but of course also their roots, JimmySmith, Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff and others. However, Andreas' favorite American organ player is Larry Goldings.
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Live from the Pinneberg Jazzfestival 2004
recorded live August 2004 in Pinneberg/Germany
demo CD only, not for sale
Andreas Hellkvist, Hammond B-3 organ
Ilja Kipnis, tenor sax
Anders Jonasson, guitar
Thomas Greinke, drums
Walkin' With My Baby
recorded live May 2007 in Stockholm/Sweden
Thomas Arnesen, vocals, guitar, piano
Björn Lundqvist, bass
Andreas Hellkvist, Hammond organ
Kjell Gustavsson, drums, percussion
Anders Vorsberg, piano
John Högman, tenor sax
Bo Broberg, trumpet
Johan Hörlen, alto sax
Rock-A-Hula Baby
recorded 2007 in Sweden
Andreas Hellkvist, Hammond organ
Robert Lönn, drums
Pår Engström, bass
Ulf Holmberg, guitar
Arvid Nerdal, piano
Niklas Widén, pedal steel guitar
Kent Wennman, guitar, percussion
Paris Eyes
recorded October 2009 in Stockholm/Sweden
Karl Olandersson, trumpet
Andreas Hellkvist, Hammond organ
Ali Djeridi, drums
Do Music Records DMRCD 036
recorded in Uppsala/Sweden
Andreas Hellkvist, Hammond B-3 organ
Erik Soderlind, guitar Samuel Hällkvist, guitar Thomas Arnesen, guitar Daniel Olsson, drums
Feppe Records FPECD001
recorded January 2019 in Uppsala/Sweden
Andreas Hellkvist, Hammond B-3 organ
Samuel Hällkvist, guitar
Daniel Olsson, drums

Sound Samples
MP3 "Hellkvist Shuffle", from the album "Live from the Pinneberg Jazzfestival 2004"
05:02 - 5,414kB
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