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Tommy Schneider
Like many Europeans Tommy (born 1962 in Zürich) started to explore the world of music with the obligatory must of recorder music lessons in the elementary school. Quite soon he started taking classic lessons in flute for years. Simultaneously he was a member of a youth music band. After a while he discovered the drums/percussions and could gather valuable experiences for about 3 years along with playing the flute. However he was still missing something. Finally he discovered the original Hammond organ and got fascinated by this instrument in such a way, it won’t go out of his mind.
After having played in various groups on flute, drums and finally on the organ, mainly with local bands, a trio named SOS was established (SOS stands for Sax - Orgel – Schlagzeug, the German words for sax, organ, drums) with Philippe Chrétien on sax and Jean-Michel Gosteli on drums. Its style lies between funk, soul, blues, acid jazz, swing and latin. Its corresponding groove is the best go with concert events and parties. Already in summer 1997, their debut CD "Press-Button" was released. In 1999 the trio recorded a live CD at the Helvetia Bar in Zürich (released in 2002). This band is still active and plays several concerts a year (mostly private).
In November 2001, Tommy recorded his first solo album (released in 2002), now accompanied by the well known Swiss guitarist Adrian Stern and the drummer Hans Peter Bartsch coming from the suburbs of Frankfurt/Main (Germany). The already mentioned music styles were expanded by rock elements and simultaneously the jazz elements were slightly reduced. In November 2007 Tommy recorded his 2nd solo album.
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no label
recorded June 1997 in Bachenbülach/Switzerland
Tommy Schneider, Hammond B-3 organ
Philippe Chrétien, sax, piano, Hammond B-3 organ
Jean-Michel Gosteli, drums
Out For Lunch
no label
recorded April 1999 in Zürich/Switzerland
Tommy Schneider, Hammond B-3 organ, flute, piano
Philippe Chrétien, sax, piano, Hammond B-3 organ
Jean-Michel Gosteli, drums
Groove Machine
Blues Leaf BL 9817
recorded 2001 in Switzerland
Tommy Schneider, organ, flute
Jean-Michel Gostelli, drums
Philippe Chrétien, sax, organ, piano
tom.rec. minus 1
recorded November 2001 in Luzern/Switzerland
Tommy Schneider, Hammond B-3 organ, flute
Adrian Stern, guitar
Hans Peter Bartsch, drums
Plan B3
Kolibri Records 08001
recorded November 2007 in Goldau/Switzerland
Tommy Schneider, Hammond B-3 organ
Adrian Stern, guitar, percussion
Hans Peter Bartsch, drums, percussion
Philippe Chrétien, sax

Sound Samples
MP3 "Breakfast At Sprüngli's", from the album "SOS"
04:11 - 3,942kB
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