Pat Bianchi
Pat Bianchi is considered by legendary jazz organists Joey DeFrancesco and Lonnie Smith to be an upcoming star in the jazz organ world, making his mark in the United States and Europe and becoming widely recognized.
Born in Rochester NY, Pat began playing music by ear at the age of 6 on his first instrument, a small combo organ. At age 7 his studies continued in classical piano. From a musical family, he was being educated by both grandfathers and his father in playing basic jazz styles, big band and dance band music as well. Pat was able to absorb a large amount of musical knowledge within a short period of time and was out playing professionally by the age of 12. In his early teens, Pat's focus shifted towards the piano.
He enrolled in the Eastman School of Music community education division for classical piano and music theory studies. At the same time he continued to study jazz piano on his own while performing in various student jazz ensembles. Pat also played acoustic and electric bass in various school bands for a short time. Pat's interest shifted to jazz organ at age 16 after receiving Joey DeFrancesco's "Live at the Five Spot" record as a gift. Soon after, he acquired his first Hammond Organ.
There began his exploration of the Jazz Hammond world. From 1994-1998, Pat was a student at Berklee College of Music where he studied with an impressive list of jazz educators, receiving his bachelors degree in music performance in 1998. Upon graduating from Berklee, he relocated to Denver, Colorado to perform in Denver's historic jazz club El Chapultepec. It was at this club where Pat began building his impressive resume while working with the many musical legends showcased at the club. In October 2002, Pat moved to NYC for a short time, and returned to Denver in 2003.
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The Art Of The Jazz Organ Trio
Synenergy Music SMCD80017-2
recorded July 2002 in Denver, CO/USA
Pat Bianchi, Hammond B-3 organ
Dave Corbus, guitar
Todd Reid, drums
Live In Europe
TCB Records TCB 25502
recorded 10 January 2004 live at Marian's Jazzroom in Bern/Switzerland
Brad Leali, sax
Sean Jones, piccolo trumpet
Pat Bianchi, organ
Winard Harper, drums
East Coast Roots
Jazzed Media JM 1002
recorded May 2005 in Wheatridge, CO/USA
Pat Bianchi, Hammond B-3 organ
Mark Whitfield, guitar
Byron Landham, drums
Capri Records74077-2
recorded July 2005 in Wheatridge, CO/USA
Pat Bianchi, Hammond B-3 organ
Dave Corbus, guitar
Todd Reid, drums
Roll With It
Origin Records 82513
recorded February 2008 in Provo, UT/USA
Corey Christiansen, guitar
David Halliday, tenor sax
Pat Bianchi, Hammond B-3 organ
Matt Jorgensen, drums
Outlaw Tractor
Origin Records 82562
recorded February 2008 in Provo, UT/USA
Corey Christiansen, guitar
David Halliday, tenor sax
Pat Bianchi, Hammond B-3 organ
Matt Jorgensen, drums
Back Home
Doodlin Records DR014
recorded October 2009 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Pat Bianchi, organ
Terell Stafford, trumpet
Wayne Escoffery, sax
Gilad Hekselman, guitar
Ralph Peterson jr, drums
Carmen Intorre jr, drums
Exhilaration & Other States
Motéma Music MTM 0068
recorded December 2009 in Dover, NJ/USA
J.C.Stylles, guitar
Pat Bianchi, Hammond B-3 organ
Lawrence Leathers, drums
Urgency Of Now
Positone PR 8084
recorded October 2010 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Brent Canter, guitar
Seamus Blake, tenor sax
Adam Klipple, organ
Pat Bianchi, organ
Jordan Perlson, drums
Plain 'n' Simple
Tweety Records TWR0002
recorded in Hilton Head, SC; New York City; Paramus, NJ/USA
Chuck Loeb, guitar
Eric Marienthal, sax
Nathan Eklund, trombone, trumpet
Till Brönner, trumpet
Pat Bianchi, organ
Will Lee, bass
Harvey Mason sr., drums
David Charles, percussion
Mauricio Zoratelli, percussion
Carmen Cuesta, vocals
Lizzy Loeb, vocals
Live At Cory Weeds' Cellar Jazz Club
Cellar Live Records
recorded live at Cory Weed's Jazz Club in Vancouver, BC/Canada
Pat Bianchi, organ
Bill Coon, guitar
Jesse Cahill, drums
Live At Umeå Jazz Festival
recorded live 27 October 2012 in Umeå/Sweden
Pat Martino, guitar
Pat Bianchi, Hammond organ
Carmen Intorre jr, drums
For The Soul
Random Act Records RAR1008CD
recorded in Buffago, NY and Paramus, NJ/USA
Carmen Intorre jr., drums, percussion
Jon Irabagon, alto sax, tenor sax
John Hart, guitar
Pat Bianchi, organ, keyboards
Joey DeFrancesco, Numa organ
It's All Good
Posi-Tone PR8102
recorded January 2012
Ed Cherry, guitar
Pat Bianchi, organ
Byron Landham, drums
On The Loose
Top Secret Productions

Mike Fageros, guitar
Pat Bianchi, Hammond organ
Carmen Intorre jr., drums
Raise Four
Vectordisc 031
recorded January 2010 in Paramus, NJ/USA
Bill Goodwin, drums, cymbals
Gerry Niewood, soprano sax, tenor sax
Pat Bianchi, organ, piano
Chris Higgins, bass
Shanachie 5409
recorded in Upper Loding, IP; Hollywood, CA/USA and Madrid/Spain
Chuck Loeb, guitar
David Mann, alto sax
Eric Marienthal, alto sax
Andy Snitzer, tenor sax
Giulio Carmassi, trumpet
Christina Loeb, ukulele
Pat Bianchi, organ
Mitchel Forman, organ, piano
Oli Rockberger, piano, melodica
Moisés P. Sánchez, piano
Nathan East, bass
Will Lee, bass
Toño Miguel, bass
Peter Erskine, drums
Steve Gadd, drums
Wolfgang Haffner, drums
José SanMartín, drums
Yuvisney Aguilar, percussion
David Charles, percussion
Carmen Cuesta, vocals
Lizzy Loeb, vocals
A Higher Standard
21-H Records 21-H001
recorded 2014 in Exton, PA/USA
Pat Bianchi, Hammond organ
Craig Ebner, bass
Byron Landham, drums
soundsdifferent music SR-051
recorded August 2012, March & August 2013 in New York City/USA
Brad Allen Williams, guitar
Tyshawn Sorey, drums
Pat Bianchi, Hammond organ
Roots Interchange
no label
recorded February 2014 in Paramus, NJ/USA
Alessandro Florio, guitar
Pat Bianchi, Hammond organ
Carmen Intorre, drums
Gegè Telesforo, vocals
Shanachie 5443
recorded in Irvington, NY/USA
Chuck Loeb, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion
Eric Marienthal, soprano sax, tenor sax
Andy Snitzer, soprano sax
Everette Harp, alto sax
David Mann, tenor sax, flute
Till Brönner, trumpet
Tony Kadleck, trumpet
Mike Davis, trombone
Christina Loeb, ukulele, vocals
Michael Thompson, guitar
Pat Bianchi, organ, piano
Brian Culbertson, piano
Mitchel Forman, piano
Jeff Lorber, Mini Moog, piano
Nathan East, bass
Ron Jenkins, bass
Tom Kennedy, bass
Will Lee, bass
Brian Dunne, drums
Gary Novak, drums
Joel Rosenblatt, drums
Carmen Cuesta, vocals
Blue Innuendo
recorded in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Dave Anderson, tenor sax, soprano sax
Tom Guarna, guitar
Pat Bianchi, organ
Matt Wilson, drums
High Note HCD 7307
recorded April 2017 in Wall Township, NJ/USA
Pat Martino, guitar
Pat Bianchi, Viscount organ
Carmen Intorre jr, drums
Adam Niewood, tenor saxophone
Alex Norris, trumpet, flugelhorn
Criss Cross 1400
recorded September 2017 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Tim Warfield, tenor sax, soprano sax
Terell Stafford, trumpet, flugelhorn
Pat Bianchi, Hammond B-3 organ
Byron Landham, drums
Daniel Sadownick, percussion
In The Moment
Savant SCD 2173
recorded September 2016 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Pat Bianchi, organ
Paul Bollenback, guitar
Byron Landham, drums
Peter Bernstein, guitar
Carmen Intorre jr, drums
Joe Locke, vibes
Kevin Mahogany, vocal
Pat Martino, guitar
Something to Say - The Music of Stevie Wonder
Savant SCD 2190
recorded September 2020 in Paramus, NJ/USA
Pat Bianchi, organ
Wayne Escoffery, tenor sax
Paul Bollenback, guitar
Byron Landham, drums
Workin' It Out
21H Records
Pat Bianchi organ
Mark Whitfield guitar
Byron Landham drums
Live @ The Side Door
Cabo Verde Records
recorded live January 2020 at the Side Door Jazz Club in Old Lyme, CT/USA
Vince Ector, drums
Justin Jones, sax
Paul Bollenback, guitar
Pat Bianchi, organ
Cellar Live CMR111022
recorded March 2022 in Tahlequah, OK/USA
track 5: recorded live 04 March 2022 at Lowdown Jazz Club in Tulsa OK/USA
Clark Gibson, alto sax, baritone sax
Michael Dease, baritone sax, trombone
Sean Jones, trumpet
Pat Bianchi, Hammond B-3 organ
Nick Mancini, vibes
Lewis Nash, drums

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MP3 "Humpty Dumpty", from the album "In The Moment"
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