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Mike (* in Denton, TX) is an Austin based organist. In 1990 he toured as a guitarist with The Red Devils, behind their Warner Brothers release King King. Upon returning to Texas, he moved to Austin to join the Antone's Nightclub house band, backing up many of the original blues legends. It was there that he made a career-defining switch from guitar to Hammond B-3 organ. Traveling to New York City to learn first-hand from legendary jazz organist Big John Patton, it was also during this period that he spent time with the great organ masters: Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack McDuff and Jimmy McGriff.
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contact: bflanigin@gmail.com
homepage: www.mikeflanigin.com
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Texas Soul Sisters
Dialtone Records DT0009

Miss Candy, vocals
Gloria Edwards, vocals
Glenda Hargis, vocals
Lavelle White, vocals
Marcus Cardwell, sax
Don Jennings , trumpet
Nelson Mills, trumpet
Nick Gibson, guitar
Tommy Hunter, guitar
Clarence Pierce, guitar
Matthew Robinson, guitar
Mike Flanigin, organ
Burly Manor, bass
Bill Campbell, bass
Gilbert Jenkins, drums
Paul Mills, drums
Billy Sampson, drums
Charlie Shaw, drums
Doin' Alright
P-Vine Records PCD-25132
released also as I'm Alright (Dialtone Records DT0023) recorded in Austin, TX/USA
Cornell Dupree, guitar
Kaz Kazanoff, sax
Mike Flanigin, Hammond B-3 organ
Nick Connelly, piano
Ronnie James, bass
Larry Fulcher, bass
George Porter, bass
B. E. Smith "Frosty", drums
The Drifter
Black Betty Records BBST-4068
recorded in Houston, TX and Austin, TX/USA
Mike Flanigin, Hammond organ, vocals, guitar, piano
Bob Malach, tenor sax, bass clarinet
Dave Biller, guitar
Jake Langley, guitar
Derek O'Brien, guitar
Gary Clark jr., guitar, vocals
Alejandro Escovedo, guitar, vocals
Jimmie Vaughan, guitar, vocals
Billy Gibbons, guitar, vocals
Leigh Mahoney, violin
Tracy Seeger, violin
Ames Asbell, viola
Sara Nelson, cello
Dominique Davalos, bass
Larry Fulcher, bass
Chris Maresh, bass
Clem Burke, drums
George Rains, drums
Kyle Thompson, drums
Barry "Frosty" Smith, drums
Chris Lovejoy, congas
Brady Blade, tambourine
Kat Edmonson, vocals
Gean West, vocals
The Ice Queen
Black Betty Records MFO002

Sue Foley, vocals, guitar
Elias Haslanger, tenor sax
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, tenor sax
John Mills, baritone sax
Randy Zimmerman, trombone
Ephraim Owens, trumpet
Al Gomez, trumpet
Jimmy Shortell, trumpet
Derek O'Brien, guitar
Charlie Sexton, slide guitar, vocals
Billy F. Gibbons, guitar, vocals
Jimmie Vaughan, guitar, vocals
Mike Flanigin, organ
Johnny Bradley, bass
Chris Maresh, bass
Billy Horton, bass
Chris Layton, drums
George Rains, drums
JJ Johnson, drums
Kyle Thompson, maracas, tambourine
Baby, Please Come Home
The Last Music Company LMCD213
recorded June 2018 in Austin, TX and San Marcos, TX/USA
Jimmie Vaughan, guitar, vocals
Kaz Kazanoff, tenor sax
Greg Piccolo, tenor sax
Doug James, baritone sax
John Mills, baritone sax
Randy Zimmerman, trombone
Al Gomez, trumpet
Jimmy Shortell, trumpet
Bill Pitman, guitar
T. Jarrod Bonta, piano
Mike Flanigin, Hammond organ
Billy Horton, bass
Ronnie James, bass
George Rains, drums
West Texas Blues
Black Betty Records MFO002

Mike Flanigin, organ, vocals
Sue Foley, guitar
Chris Layton, drums

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