Ronnie Foster
Ronnie Foster
Ronnie (* 1950) has performed as a sideman with a wide range of musicians. He frequently worked with guitarist George Benson, including playing electric piano and mini-moog. Ronnie has also played organ with Chet Atkins, Grant Green, Grover Washington jr., Stanley Turrentine, Roberta Flack, Earl Klugh, Harvey Mason, Jimmy Smith, and Stevie Wonder. His producing credits include albums by Brazilian artists Djavan, Guilherme Arantes and Pepeu Gomes.
Ronnie was the musical director for "Smokey Robinson Presents: Human Nature" which appeared at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas from 2009-2015.
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Blue Note BST 84360
released 1970
recorded August 1970 in Newark, NJ/USA
Grant Green, guitar
Ronnie Foster, organ
Claude Bartee, tenor sax
Joseph Armstrong, congas
Idris Muhammad, drums
Two-Headed Freap
Blue Note BST-84382
released 1972
recorded January 1972 in Englewood Cliffs, NJ/USA
Ronnie Foster, organ
Gene Bertoncini, guitar
Gene Bianco, harp
George Devens, vibes, percussion
George Duvivier, bass
Gordon Edwards, bass
Arthur Jenkins, congas
Jimmy Johnson, drums
Sweet Revival
Blue Note BN-LA098-F
released 1973
recorded December 1972 in New York, NY/USA
Ronnie Foster, organ
Ernest Hayes, piano
David Spinozza, guitar
John Tropea, guitar
Seldon Powell, tenor sax
Garnett Brown, trombone
Wilbur Bascomb jr., bass
Bernard Purdie, drums
Live At Montreux
Blue Note BN-LA250-G
released 1974
recorded live 05 July 1973 in Montreux/Switzerland
Ronnie Foster, organ
Gregory Miller, guitar
Marvin Chappell, drums
On The Avenue
Blue Note BN-LA261-G
released 1974
recorded May 1974 in New York, NY/USA
Ronnie Foster, organ, synthesizer, vocals
Joel L. Kaye, baritone sax
Gerald Ray Chamberlain, trombone
Dean Robert Pratt, trumpet, flugelhorn
John E. Gatchell, trumpet, flugelhorn
Phil Upchurch, bass, guitar
Marvin Chappell, drums
Ray Armando, percussion
Cheshire Cat
Blue Note BN-LA425-G
released 1975
recorded in New York, NY/USA
Ronnie Foster, keyboards, vocals
George Benson, guitar
Joe Beck, guitar
Gary King, bass
William Allen, bass
James Mtume, congas, percussion
Dennis Davis, drums
Songs In The Key Of Life
Tamla T13-340C2
released 1976
recorded in Hollywood, CA; New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA/USA
Stevie Wonder, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Hank Redd, alto sax, tenor sax
Trevor Lawrence, tenor sax
Jim Horn, sax
George Bohannon, trombone
Glenn Ferris, trombone
Steve Madaio, trumpet
Raymond Maldonado, trumpet, percussion
Bobbi Humphrey, flute
Dean Parks, guitar
Howard "Buzz" Feiten, guitar
George Benson, guitar, vocals
Ben Bridges, guitar, sitar
Michael Sembello, guitar
W.G. Snuffy Walden, guitar
Sneaky Pete Kleinow, pedal steel
Ronnie Foster, organ
Herbie Hancock, keyboards
Greg Phillinganes, keyboards
Dorothy Ashby, harp
Nathan Watts, bass, percussion, vocals
Greg Brown, drums
Ray Pound, drums
Raymond Lee Pounds, drums
Nathan Alford jr., percussion
Charles Brewer, percussion
Shirley Brewer, percussion, vocals
Colleen Carleton, percussion
Carol Cole, percussion
Eddie "Bongo" Brown, percussion
Renee Hardaway, percussion, vocals
Larry Latimer, percussion, vocals
Nelson Hayes, percussion
Bobbye Hall, percussion
Amale Mathews, percussion
Josette Valentino, percussion
Marietta Waters, percussion
Edna Orso, percussion
Carmelo Garcia, percussion, timbales
West Angeles Church Of God Choir
CBS 83776
released 1979
recorded in Hollywood and West Los Angeles, CA/USA
Ronnie Foster, bass, keyboards
Robert "Pops" Popwell, bass
Nathan Watts, bass
Leon 'Ndugu' Chancler, drums
Steve Morris, drums
Fred White, drums
Freddie White, drums
The Spread Of The Future
Epic JE 35746
released 1979
recorded in Hollywood, CA/USA
Leon 'Ndugu' Chancler, vibes, drums, percussion
Israel Baker, conductor
Arnold Belnick, conductor
George Bohannon, horn
Oscar Brashear, horn
Garnett Brown, horn
Michael Harris, horn
Ray Brown, horn
Maurice Spears, horn
Sidney Muldrow, horn
Bobby Bryant, horn
Gerald Albright, woodwind
Bill Green, woodwind
Fred Jackson jr., woodwind
Ernie Watts, woodwind
Don Myrick, woodwind
Al McKay, guitar
Greg Moore, guitar
David T. Walker, guitar
John Barnes, keyboards
Greg Phillinganes, keyboards
Ronnie Foster, keyboards, organ, piano
George Duke, synthesizer
string section
Dorothy Ashby, harp
Stanley Gilbert, bass
Byron Miller, bass
Virginia Ayers, vocals
The Racer
Electric Bird K28P 6441
released 1987
Ronnie Foster, keyboards, vocal, drums, FX-20 YAMAHA organ
Mike O'Neil, guitar
Phil Upchurch, guitar
Jonathan 'Foot' Moffett, drums
Ndugu, drums
Harvey Mason, drums
Paulinho Da Costa, percussion
Wes Bound
GRP 97052
released 1993
recorded September through October 1992 in Hollywood, CA/USA
Lee Ritenour, guitar
Maxi Priest, vocals
Dan Higgins, sax, flute, alto flute, bass clarinet
Steve Kujala, flute
Gary Herbig, flute
Kim Hutchcraft, flute, alto flute
Jerry Hey, trumpet
Gary Grant, trumpet, flugelhorn
Bill Reichenbach, trombone, bass trombone
Bob James, piano, keyboards
Alan Broadbent, piano
David Witham, Hammond organ
Ronnie Foster, Hammond B-3 organ
John Beasley, keyboards
John Patitucci, bass
Melvin Davis, bass
Gary Novak, drums
Harvey Mason, drums, percussion
Cassio Duarte, percussion
Aaron Smith, drum programming
Blue Note CDP 0777 7 89793 2 19
released 1993
recorded live 15 August 1970 at Cliché Lounge, Newark, NJ/USA
Grant Green, guitar
Claude Bartee, tenor sax
Earl Neal Creque, organ
Ronnie Foster, organ
William Bivens, vibes
Idris Muhammad, drums
Joseph Armstrong, congas
Inner City Blues
West Coast Records 3624-2
released 1994
recorded in New York City and various locations in CA/USA
Doc Powell, guitar, piano, strings, drums, bass
Ronnie Laws, soprano sax, tenor sax
Kirk Whalum, sax
Skip Anderson, piano
Gerry Brown, piano
George Duke, piano
Ronnie Foster, organ
Ivan Hampden, keyboards, drums, percussion
Bob James, piano
Patrice Rushen, piano
Tom Barney, bass
Stanley Clarke, bass
Byron Miller, bass
Munyungo Jackson, percussion
Philip Bailey, vocals
Siedah Garrett, vocals
Howard Hewett, vocals
Jeffrey Osborne, vocals
The Lost Grooves
Blue Note CDP 7243 8 31883 2 1
released 1995
compilation with various organists
Grant Green, guitar
Claude Bartee, tenor sax
Ronnie Foster, organ
Willie Bivens, vibes
Joseph Armstrong, congas
Idris Muhammad, drums
Atlantic 82904-2
Harvey Mason, guitar, synthesizer, vibes, marimba, drums, percussion
Bennie Maupin, soprano sax
Michael Paulo, alto sax
Gerald Albright, sax
Herb Alpert, trumpet Hubert Laws, flute
Paul Jackson jr., guitar
Michael Landau, guitar
Harvey Mason jr., synthesizer, percussion
Lee Ritenour, guitar
Ramón Stagnaro, guitar
John Beasley, piano
George Duke, piano
Ronnie Foster, Hammond B-3 organ, synthesizer
Don Grusin, piano
Bob James, piano, synthesizer
Wayne Lindsay, piano
Jerry Peters, piano
Me'Shell NdegéOcello, cello, bass
Nathan East, bass
Jimmy Haslip, bass
Ricky Minor, bass
Neil Stubenhaus, bass
Freddie Washington, bass
Sheila E., congas
Phil Perry, vocals
This Is Love
i.e. Music 314 557 391-2

Lee Ritenour, bass, , guitar, synthesizer
Frank Becker, sax, synthesizer
Bill Evans, soprano sax, tenor sax
Ernie Watts, tenor sax
Jerry Hey, flugelhorn, trumpet
Gary Grant, trumpet
William Frank 'Bill' Reichenbach Jr., trombone
Larry Williams, flute, Keyboards, alto sax, synthesizer, vibes
Ronnie Foster, bass, organ
Alan Pasqua , Fender Rhodes, organ, piano
Hilary James, Fender Rhodes
Ralph Morrison III, violin
Paulinho Da Costa, percussion, timbales
Melvin Davis, bass
James Genus, bass
Sonny Emory, drums
Dave Weckl, drums
Phil Perry, vocals
Lisa Fischer, vocals
Pleasures Of The Night
Verve Forecast 314 557 613-2
recorded in Los Angeles, CA and Thousand Oaks, CA/USA
Will Downing, vocals
Gerald Albright, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, flute, alto flute
Paul Jackson jr., guitar
Ronnie Foster, organ, synthesizer
Bobby Lyle, keyboards
Patrice Rushen, keyboards
Tony Dumas, bass
Jimmy Haslip, bass
Abraham Laboriel sr., bass
Harvey Mason sr., drums
Land Richards, drums
John "J.R." Robinson, drums
Marvin "Smitty" Smith, drums
Luis Conte, percussion
Sensual Journey
Verve Records 314 589 610-2
recorded in New York, NY/USA
Will Downing, vocals
Gerald Albright, sax
Boney James, sax
Ray Brown, trumpet
Hubert Laws, flute
Tariqh Akoni, guitar
Marc Antoine, guitar
Kevin Chokan, guitar
Blake English, guitar
Kashif, guitar, keyboards, drums
Rohn Lawrence, guitar
Russell Malone, guitar
Lee Ritenour, guitar, keyboards
Michael Hart Thompson, guitar
John Beasley, keyboards, piano
Ronnie Foster, keyboards, organ
Kowan "Q" Paul, keyboards, bass
Rex Rideout, keyboards
Jochem van der Saag, keyboards, drums, percussion
Sandy Stein, keyboards
Stefon Harris, vibes
string section
Dave Carpenter, bass
Melvin Davis, bass
Ronnie Garrett, bass
James Genus, bass
Marcus Miller, bass
Gregory Hutchinson, drums
Will Kennedy, drums
John "J.R." Robinson, drums
Michael White, drums
Luis Conte, percussion
Paulinho Da Costa, percussion
Bashiri Johnson, percussion
Darcy Aldridge, vocals
Ain't It Funky Now
Blue Note 7243 5 60140 2 2
Grant Green, guitar
Claude Bartee jr., soprano sax, tenor sax
Harry DiVito, trombone
Dick Hickson, bass trombone
Blue Mitchell, trumpet
Joe Newman, trumpet
Victor Paz, trumpet
James Sedlar, trumpet
Joe Wilder, trumpet
Phil Bodner, woodwind
John Leone, woodwind
George Marge, woodwind
Romeo Penque, woodwind
James Buffington, French horn
Ronnie Foster, organ
Shelton Laster, organ
Clarence Palmer, piano
Emanuel Riggins, clavinet, organ, piano
William Bivens, vibes
Gary Coleman, vibes
Billy Wooten, vibes
Chuck Rainey, bass
Wilton Felder, bass
Jimmy Lewis, bass
Stix Hooper, drums
Idris Muhammad, drums
Greg Williams, drums
Ray Armando, percussion
Joseph Armstrong, conga
Candido Camero, conga
King Errisson, percussion
Richard Landrum, bongos
Hall Bobby Porter, percussion
Live At Club Mozambique
Blue Note 0946 63522 2 0
recorded January 1971 live at Club Mozambique in Detroit, MI/USA
Grant Green, guitar
Clarence Thomas, soprano sax, tenor sax
Houston Person, tenor sax
Ronnie Foster, organ
Idris Muhammad, drums
Blue Note B003521001
recorded in Los Angeles, CA/USA
Ronnie Foster, organ, piano
Michael O'Neill, guitar
Chris Foster, drums
Jimmy Branly, drums
Lenny Castro, congas
Luis Conte, timbales

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