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Matthew Kaminski
Born in Chicago, Matthew has been playing the organ for 18 years. In his early studies on the organ, Matthew explored the genre of theatre organ playing pieces in the style of Ethel Smith among others. Later on he was accepted into the University of Arizona's jazz studies department. He attended master classes by Wynton Marsalis and performed with jazz musicians David Friedman and Dave Samuels. Transferring to Georgia State University in 1998, Matthew studied with Dr. Geoffrey Haydon and was the principal pianist in the Georgia State Jazz Ensemble. In May 2000, Matthew graduated with a Bachelors of Music degree with an emphasis on jazz studies. Moreover he has been versatile in the Atlanta music scene. "Organized Time" is the group that Matthew leads with a variety of musicians since 1998.
Having been influenced by Jimmy Smith, Richard Holmes, Larry Goldings, Jack McDuff among others, Matthew continues to study and try to improve in bringing soul jazz into the future.
contact: matthew@matthewkaminski.com
homepage: www.matthewkaminski.com
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Organized Time
no label
recorded February 2000 in USA
Matthew Kaminski, Hammond XM1 organ
Chris Saleh, percussion
Oliver Wood, guitar
Daniel Clay, guitar
Gianni Graffeo, guitar
Jason Passmore, tenor sax
Lee Hogans, trumpet
Live At The Earl
no label
(out of print)
recorded March 2001 in Atlanta/USA
Matthew Kaminski, Hammond XM1 organ
Daniel Clay, guitar
Christopher Saleh, drums
Ben Davis, soprano sax, tenor sax
Chariot Records CR001
recorded 2004 in USA
Matthew Kaminski, Hammond B-3 organ
Micah Cadwell, guitar
Steve McCraw, drums
Taking My Time
Chicken Coup CCP 7014
recorded 2009 in Tucker, GA/USA
Matthew Kaminski, Hammond B-3 organ
E.J. Hughes, tenor sax
Micah Cadwell, guitar
Charles Loehle, guitar
Charlie Robinson, guitar
Justin Chesarek, drums
Mike Hinton, drums
Emrah Kotan, drums
Stadium Organ Sounds
no label, digital only
Matthew Kaminski, organ
Swingin' On The New Hammond
Chicken Coup CCP 7019
recorded 2013 in USA
Matthew Kaminski, organ
Dave Stryker, guitar
Justin Varnes, drums
Live At Churchill Grounds
Chicken Coup CCP 7026
recorded live September 2015 at Churchill Grounds in Atlanta, GA/USA
Matthew Kaminski, Hammond SK2 organ
Will Scruggs, tenor sax
Rod Harris jr., guitar
Chris Burroughs, drums
Kimberly Gordon, vocals
Baseball Organ in Hi-Fi
Fairfax and 3rd Records

Matthew Kaminski, Hammond B-3 organ
Will Scruggs, sax
Rod Harris jr, guitar
Chris Burroughs, drums
Kimberly Gordon, vocals
L.A. Connection
no label
recorded January 2020 in Glendale, CA/USA
Matthew Kaminski, organ
Bruce Forman, guitar
Jeff Hamilton, drums

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