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Peter Herbolzheimer:
Big Band Man
Label MPS 06025 1764391
recorded compilation on 4 CDs of:
Soul Condor; Time Travellers; Waitaminute; Wide Open; Hip Walk; Touchdown; I Hear Voices
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Peter Herbolzheimer trombone
Dieter Reith piano, organ
for detailed credits see the corr. albums on Reith's discography


Track List
Soul Condor:
CD1-01: El Soul Condor
CD1-02: Little Joe
CD1-03: Como Na Cachita
CD1-04: Scarborough Fair
CD1-05: Aquarius
CD1-06: These Boots Are Made For Walking
CD1-07: Wade In The Water
CD1-08: Fever
CD1-09: Sao Felix
CD1-10: Bossandy
CD1-11: La Marcha

Time Travellers Galaxis:
CD1-12: Falling Asleep
CD1-13: Anitras Dance
CD1-14: Galactic Swan
CD1-15: Ave Maria
CD1-16: Poeme
CD1-17: Dance
CD1-18: The Dance Of Death
CD1-19: Prelude No. 20
CD1-20: Air

CD2-01: Waitaminute
CD2-02: Mr. Clean
CD2-03: The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men
CD2-04: Green Witch
CD2-05: Wild Chick
CD2-06: The Meaning Of The Blues
CD2-07: Modus Vivendi

Wide Open:
CD2-08: Frog Dance
CD2-09: That Ol' Bus Smell
CD2-10: Babo
CD2-11: Nica's Dream
CD2-12: Like A Soft Breeze
CD2-13: Blue Dervish
CD2-14: Cats
CD3-01: Hi-Jack

Hip Walk:
CD3-02: Hip Walk
CD3-03: Butterfly
CD3-04: Superstition
CD3-05: Wheeler's Choice
CD3-06: Stoned Cockattoo
CD3-07: Jive Samba
CD3-08: Spirit
CD3-09: Nerve Wrecker
CD3-10: Neosho

CD3-11: Time Line
CD3-12: Spain
CD3-13: A Day In The Life
CD3-14: The Mixolydian Highlander
CD4-01: Hi-Fly Angel
CD4-02: Madcap
CD4-03: Antares
CD4-04: A Letter From R.K.
CD4-05: Inka's Return

I Hear Voices:
CD4-06: I Hear Voices
CD4-07: Feedback Brother
CD4-08: November
CD4-09: Birdland
CD4-10: Save Me From The City
CD4-11: Someday
CD4-12: Time Out
CD4-13: DIN A3




Sound Samples
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