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Beau Sasser
Beau plays the Hammond organ and synthesizers and sings. He has performed with Maceo Parker, Warren Haynes, Alan Evans, Nikki Glaspie, Michael Feingold, Mike Keneally, Fareed Haque and Melvin Sparks.
contact: beausasser@gmail.com
myspace www.myspace.com/thebeausasserorgantrio
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Put The Flavor On It
ZOHO ZM200706
recorded June 2008 in Somerville, MA/USA
Charlie Apicella, guitar
Beau Sasser, Hammond organ
Alan Korzin, drums
Royal Family Records RFR1204CD
recorded November/December 2012
Alan Evans, guitar, drums, vocals
Mike Feingold, guitar, banjo, keyboards
Danny Mayer, guitar
Beau Sasser, Hammond organ, clavinet, Fender Jazz Bass
Woodstock Sessions Vol. 1
Woodstock Sessions WS001

Alan Evans, drums, vocals
Danny Mayer, guitar
Beau Sasser, Hammond B-3 organ
Live At Nectar's
One Note Records ONRLP021
recorded December 2010 at Nectar's in Burlington, VT/USA
Melvin Sparks, guitar
Beau Sasser, organ
Bill Carbone, drums
Dave Grippo, alto sax
Brian McCarthy, tenor sax

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