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Carlo de Wijs
At the age of seven, Carlo sat behind an electric organ for the very first time, not realizing that this instrument would determine the rest of his future professional life. When his father played a Rhoda Scott LP five years later, he was gripped by the Hammond sound. After this, he just knew: he would become a Hammond organist.
The years following, Carlo spent most of his time behind the organ - as he still does. The Hammond organist in Carlo was shaped by a mix of many inspirations and influences. Hammond role models like Rhoda Scott, Jimmy Smith and Eddy Louiss; heroes like Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder and Joe Zawinul; in combination with current interesting trends in electronic music, ensure his never ending quest of reinventing the artist within.
Throughout the tones of the warm Hammond sound, he developed into a musician, bandleader, cultural entrepreneur, educator, and both instrument and sound designer. Nowadays, 'scientist' can be added to this list as well. His passion and ambition cause Carlo to constantly look for seemingly complex connections between these different disciplines. "My personal drive focuses on the development of a unique instrument, sound, style of performing, of music and the creation of new structures of collaboration. Therefore, I want to realize the most personal approach possible for me as an artist." This concept is also of great importance within the Hammond community. "Hammond is a metaphor for inspiring (young) people, colleagues and enthusiasts," Carlo says. "Through Hammond, various visions and disciplines come together. This could lead to new structures in which the sharing of music, art and knowledge are key."
Carlo is working on off- and online initiatives in which innovation, sound, education, research and the Hammond community yet again come together. Examples include the New Hammond Sound Project and Hammond education-developments at Codarts. The past decades he has been performing with his own formations, including D'WYS & Voices of Soul; and as a soloist with Candy Dulfer's Funky Stuff, the Benjamin Herman Quartet, Corrie van Binsbergen, Lucas van Merwijk and the Metropole Orkest. He has been sharing the stage with internationally known artists such as Steve Lukather from TOTO, Gary Booker (Procol Harum) and Rhoda Scott. Carlo released his own albums and played on many productions, presented a special Hammond Alive section on Radio 6 and initiated HammondSongbook.com. He is currently active as a teacher and educational developer at Codarts in Rotterdam, while writing his PhD on the history and innovation of the Hammond Organ and setting up the New Hammond Sound Project with drummer Jordi Geuens. Carlo obtained his doctorate degree at the Erasmus Universiteit in June 2022.
contact: info@carlodewijs.com
homepage: www.carlodewijs.com
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Romantic Ballads
Timeless SJP 230
released 1990
recorded June 1985
Harry Verbeke, tenor sax
Carlo de Wijs, Hammond organ
Hein van de Geijn, bass
Arnoud Gerritse, drums
Move Records BMMCD-287
Carlo de Wijs, organ, synthesizer
Swa Mercelis, guitar
Martin Bakker, guitar, bass
Paul van Schaik, drums
Jeroen de Rijk, drums, percussion
Xandra Verkroost, vocals
Simone Roerade, vocals
Marlies Roerade, vocals
First Moves
Move Records MR 3040
recorded 1990 in Hilversum/The Netherlands
Carlo de Wijs, Hammond B-3 organ, synthesizer
Frits Bayens, conductor
Tim Armacost, soprano sax, tenor sax
Dick Vennik, soprano sax, tenor sax, flute
Frank Vaganée, alto sax
Ton Van De Geyn, baritone sax
Bart Van Lier, trombone
Ruud Breuls, trumpet
Wim Both, trumpet
Toon De Gouw, trumpet, flugelhorn
Bart van Lier, trombone
Henk Huizinga, bass trombone
Peter Tiehuis, guitar
Skip van Rooy, synthesizer
Henk de Ligt, double bass
Marcel Schimscheimer, bass
Marcel Serierse, drums
Matty de Wijs, drums, cymbal
Eddie Conard, percussion
Eddy Koopman, percussion, timpani
Joke Hamminga, congas
Meindert Velthuis, vocals
Deborah Brown, vocals
Move Records MR 3050
recorded March 1998/March 1999 in Geertruidenberg/The Netherlands
Carlo de Wijs, Hammond organ
Martin Bakker, guitars
Pim Dros, drums
Erwin van Motman, vocals
Jeroen de Rijk, percussion
Simone Roerade, vocals
Adriana Romijn, vocals
Jozien van Dorst, vocals
Turn Up The B!
Red Bullet RB 66.222
recorded May 2002 in Geertruidenberg/The Netherlands
Carlo de Wijs, Hammond organ
Léon Klaasse, drums
Marnix Stassen, percussion
Martin Bakker, guitars
Erica van de Leuv, vocals
Jan van Duikeren, trumpet, flugelhorn
Rolf Delfos, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax
New Hammond Sound
Rough Trade CDW111NHS
recorded July through September 2011 in Geertruidenberg/The Netherlands
Carlo de Wijs, Hammond B-3 organ, Moog bass
Thomas Bank, synthesizer
Leendert Haaksma, guitar
Eelke Mastenbroek, guitar
Roland Kool, Moog bass
Michel van Schie, bass
Chance Howard, Moog bass
Jordi Geuens, drums
Marnix Stassen, drums, percussion
Voices of Soul, vocals
New Hammond Sound Project
New Organ Sound Records NOSR001
recorded in Doetinchem/The Netherlands
Carlo de Wijs, modular Hammond
Thomas Bank, synthesizer
Jordi Geuens, hybrid drums

Sound Samples
MP3 "Element DM", from the album "New Hammond Sound Project"
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